The University District and Old City Quarter

The ever evolving city Centre

These are two great neighbourhoods, side by side, with the old city quarter hugging the Nanaimo Harbour and the the University District built up the mountainside towards Vancouver Island University at the top of the hill. Both neighbourhoods are comprised of many older character homes on generous sized private treed lots. Many of these homes have been beautifully remodelled and updated. There still remain a large number houses occupied by owners of many decades which have been well maintained but not updated to the same extent as homes that have changed hands more recently. 

These two neighbourhoods are are quiet walking neighbourhoods with tree lined streets and slower moving traffic. There is a large variety of good restaurants all within walking distance of where we live ranging from organic, asiatic, mexican, to french. Bicycle paths are all over the city and easily accessible, as are very generously sized parks, community centres, gyms and ice rinks.